Chapter 5

Must-Have Quality Check

Remember that the best designs are usually the simplest. A design with a few strong, basic elements can be much more powerful than one with a lots of small details, color gradients and other effects. 

Embroidery area:

Embroidery area for hats 4×2.4 inches or 101.6 x 60.96

At 300 dpi, this comes out to 1200 × 720 pixels.

Embroidery area for other products is 4×4 inches or 106.6 x 106.6 mm

At 300 dpi, this comes out to 1200 × 1200 pixels.

Don’t use photographs

These won’t work well with the digitization process.

Example of a photo converted to embroidery

Original photo

Converted for Embroidery

Photographs, in particular, can become unclear once they are converted to embroidery. Use the 16 available thread colors to be sure that the final design stays true to your colors.


Our product generator will automatically scale your image to fit this pixel range. Note that larger images can be seamlessly scaled down, but smaller images risk becoming grainy or unclear when they’re blown up.


Do not leave transparent gaps at the edges of the image.


Rest assured that the design itself will never be affected by this: all design will keep their original aspect ratio.

TIP: for the most control over how your product will come out, make use of the full available embroidery area, without leaving transparent gaps at the edges of the image.

Use high-resolution images – PNG/ JPG file

To be sure that the final embroidered product is true to your original vision, upload a PNG (with transparent background) or JPEG file with a resolution of at least 1200 × 720 pixels(for hats) or 1200 x 1200 pixels (other products).

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