Chapter 4

Transparency and Gradients

print on demand guide

A gradient is a gradual shift from a heavy color along to another color. Please avoid gradients going all the way to transparency in your designs when you are designing for DTG products.

Be careful with direct-to-garment printing. The gradient shown below would not be possible in DTG. The transparent area would fill in with white under the base to ensure that colors appear as bright and vivid as possible. If there is a gradient in a DTG design, try using a white background to see how it turns out before publishing for customer purchase. For more information on gradients and fine-tuning this process, please see this help article.

print on demand gradient

However, gradients can work well with products using sublimation printing techniques.

Custom Brushes and Textures

These are typically problematic, particularly with DTG printers and gradients. Dots spread more on garments than on the high-quality paper used in art prints. It’s a different canvas absorbing the ink. So, it makes sense that there would be some variance.

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