Chapter 7

DTG specifics

DTG specifics

Firstly, DTG – Direct To Garment printing is not the old style, iron-on transfers that fade with time.

DTG printing is a lot like printing a document, and the high-quality digital image is printed directly onto a shirt.

The colors are similar to the CMYK color profile that is found on a traditional document printer. This is a great way to print in small quantities. The details will also be higher than screen printing methods, and the images sharper.

Zero Setup

DTG Garments require no setup and can be printed almost immediately, unlike other traditional printing methods, such as screen printing. This is a huge advantage, as small orders can be created and shipped almost immediately.

Look Great

DTG prints look as good or even better than other printing processes, such as screen printing. This means you get high-quality products at low prices.

Detailed Images

DTG allows the printing of extremely detailed images, and that’s one of many reasons it’s been chosen by so many designers and creatives, sparking something of a revolution within the printing and merchandise industries. Just make sure to follow our recommendations on file size and colors, and create with ease.

Do you know product designing? Check. Move on to the product creation and we’ll drop more POD knowledge bombs in our blog.