Chapter 3

Custom Merchandise With No Money

Custom Merchandise With No Money 1

Custom merchandise is great for small business owners and entrepreneurs because that does not require any upfront capital to begin. Products are only created and printed once they’ve been sold. As a result, your customer’s money from the sale of the item is used to pay for the fee of creating the item. This means that there’s no cash flow to manage and there’s no cost to you until the product is sold. 

Inventory Issues?

A huge advantage of print-on-demand is the lack of inventory. Some influencers and YouTubers have an entire room of their house dedicated to holding inventory for their custom merchandise sales. They also have two package tracks and ship all of their custom merchandise themselves. If you can imagine the amount of time and effort it takes to do this you can see very quickly why print-on-demand provides you with such an advantage. 

Custom Merchandise With No Money 2

Not having to hold the inventory in your garage or at your house, and worrying about shipping is a huge advantage. Another advantage is that you don’t have to worry about production runs of sizes and products, freeing you up to sell and to not worry about how the order is being fulfilled. It’s a no brainer from our point of view – but we still will come across Youtubers or influencers who have a merch store with products that say “sold out” – which means “I’m losing money! Nothing to buy!”. 

The Production Process

What you will need to sell custom merchandise is a store. This doesn’t have to be around the store, he could be a store that you use a platform like eBay, Shopify or Etsy to create. It just needs to be a home for your products. Once you have this setup, the process is fairly simple, you create the designs, upload them to your print provider like Printify, and then put the products up for sale on the site. 

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