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Create the ideal drawstring bag for the gym, school, library, or any other casual outing. Add your designs and start selling custom bags with just a few clicks.

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Wrap custom drawstring bags in your designs with the help of prints that cover the entire product.

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There is no minimum quantity requirement for orders placed on Printify, meaning you can order as much or as little as you want.

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Use free design tools in our Mockup Generator to create your one-of-a-kind personalized designs.

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Our Custom Drawstring Bags

We currently offer two high-quality custom drawstring backpacks that make a great addition to any wardrobe. As it happens, they are also the perfect item to add to an eCommerce store. Let’s take a closer look at each of their main selling points and features.

Drawstring Bag

From $27.90

This 100% polyester bag is made from broadcloth, one of the most durable materials for making personalized drawstring backpacks. In addition to its sturdiness, its tight weave is also very smooth.

It’s light. It’s sturdy. It can hold all of the same stuff an average backpack can. It’s the perfect thing to have on you indoors and outdoors. It includes additional features like a small inner pocket for important tiny trinkets or loose change. With your unique designs, this drawstring backpack will look amazing on anyone wearing it.

Key Features:

100% Polyester

Small zipped pocket inside

Fully lined with black sheeting

Outdoor Drawstring Bag

From $10.52

This drawstring bag is not only suitable for outdoor use. It’s actually specifically made to withstand the great outdoors. Thanks to the polyester fabric’s moisture-wicking properties, the bag’s contents will remain relatively dry, even if you wear it outside during rainfall.

The outdoor drawstring backpack is ideally suited for camping, hiking, and most other outdoor activities thanks to its durability and extra storage for heavy loads. 

By adding your stunning designs to it, you’ll end up with equal doses of style and usability. Don’t forget about the shoulder straps – wearing a strap on each shoulder to distribute weight evenly will keep backaches at bay.

Key Features:

100% Polyester

Black braided cord straps

Black back

Make Custom Drawstring Bags in 3 Easy Steps

If you’re looking for a durable backpack, but all you see are the same old school bags everywhere, this is just the breath of freshly printed drawstring bags you need. Create your own custom drawstring backpacks with the help of Printify.

Make Custom Drawstring Bags in 3 Easy Steps
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Step 1: Create a Printify Account

Take a few minutes out of your day to sign up with Printify. It’s easy and free for any new user or starting a business.

You can create and list products on your store for free. You’ll only get charged when ordering products for yourself or your customers.

Step 2: Choose a Drawstring Bag From Our Catalog

Once you have a Printify account, you can choose a drawstring bag from our product catalog that works best for you.

You’ll always find something new there, as our Supply team adds 8-10 new products to the collection weekly.

Step 3: Upload Your Design

You can use our Mockup Generator to customize the products you find in our catalog or simply drag and drop your logo, or any other personalized drawstring bag design, onto the product. Make sure to adjust and position it to cover the entire print area.

If you’re not a graphic designer and don’t have a design on hand – no need to worry! You can hire a designer through our Experts Program.

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Creating and adding products to your store is 100% free. We’ll only charge you for the fulfillment of your orders.

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You can go from nothing to a fully operational store within just a few minutes. Most orders are shipped within 2-7 business days from the order submission date.

Wide Selection of Products

You're not limited to just custom drawstring bags – our catalog offers a huge variety of other print on demand items to add to your store.

Wide Selection of Products

You're not limited to just custom drawstring bags – our catalog offers a huge variety of other print on demand items to add to your store.

Profitable Market

This is your chance to join a growing and profitable market, taking advantage of all that the POD industry offers.

Start Making Your Own Custom Drawstring Bags!

Design Ideas for Custom Drawstring Bags

Custom Drawstring Bags With a Logo

Custom Drawstring Bags With a Logo

It’s the perfect custom promotional product for any promotional event. From a sports team’s logo to your own company’s logo, these promotional drawstring bags are your way to support a business. If it works, place your logo in a visible spot on the bag and let these backpacks carry the rest.

You can distribute your own custom drawstring bags at a sporting event or any other event that gathers your customer niche at a single location.

Custom Drawstring Bags With Pets

Pets are a popular choice for backpack prints. It can be one specific pet, many pets, different breeds, or even different species of animals. You can add a specific pet’s name, photo, drawing, or a more abstract design.

If you consider selling these designs to other people, you could offer the option to customize each bag with their specific pet’s name and photo.

Custom Drawstring Bags With Pets
Custom Drawstring Bags With Patterns

Custom Drawstring Bags With Patterns

Backpacks are a great canvas for pattern designs. You can go for geometric, repetitive, waves, or plaid, which is just the tip of the full-color print iceberg.

Patterns can be fun, serious, subtle, or attention-grabbing, but, most importantly, there is a pattern for absolutely everything and everyone. If you’ve already settled on your customer niche, you probably already know what kind of patterns they’d enjoy seeing on their drawstring backpacks.

Custom Drawstring Bags With Minimalistic Designs

Simple and clean-cut designs are appealing and often memorable, especially when printed on products like bags. These designs can also be used in a pattern, although they deserve a separate mention.

Custom Drawstring Bags With Minimalistic Designs

Frequently Asked Questions

You can add your designs and publish drawstring bags on your eCommerce site for free.

If you buy these products for yourself or your customers – the Drawstring Bag costs $27.90 (or $21.48 with Printify Premium), and the Outdoor Drawstring Bag costs $8.42 (or $6.48 with Printify Premium).

When you work out your profit and retail price, you should be mindful of additional costs that come with shipping and taxes.

The drawstring bags we currently offer are made in the USA. This ensures high-quality control and faster delivery to customers in the States.

On each product’s page, you can see our print providers, their locations, average production times, delivery, and product options.

You can customize drawstring backpacks and start selling them to your customers within just a few minutes.

To ensure that your first backpack sales also happen as soon as possible, we suggest taking a look at our marketing tips and applying our advice to generate sales and spread your brand message.

As each product is made to order, there is no minimum order quantity with Printify. This means you can order as few or as many products per order as you’d like.

Sublimated prints can last a very long time if your customers take good care of them. It’s essential to remove all the contents of the bag before cleaning. If there are any visible stains on the bag, it’s best to pretreat them with a stain remover.

Mix warm water with laundry detergent, clean the bag with a terry washcloth or a soft bristle brush and let it air dry. Don’t iron, dry clean, or use bleach on the drawstring bag. Tumble dry on low heat.

The statistics show that the gym bag market is expected to grow, making now the best time to start selling drawstring bags.

Your profit will depend on the profit margin you set on your product retail prices. To ensure that your product prices are reasonable, compare them with your competitors.

Ready to Start?

These bags are as good for gym trips and sporting events as they are great for a stroll down the park or a night out with friends. They’re made from sturdy materials, offer a lot of storage space, and take excellent quality prints.

Let your imagination run wild through perfect line designs all the way to collages of family dogs. These backpacks are just what your customers need to carry their belongings safely and in style.