Together through COVID-19 pandemic

As the world comes together to beat the COVID-19 outbreak, Printify is doing our best to soften the blow for online businesses across the globe. We believe that if we can give you one less thing to worry about, we are achieving our mission to better people’s lives.

Together through COVID-19 pandemic 1
Together through COVID-19 pandemic 2

James Berdigans
CEO and co-founder at Printify

"The Printify team is working hard to make sure we continue a high level of service despite current circumstances. Our goal is to remain fully operational and implement solutions that work and are ready to respond quickly as the situation develops. Thank you for your support."

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What we are doing about it

While we can’t directly tackle the outbreak, Printify is uniquely positioned to help reduce your loss of income by providing solutions for your business. We are working on new features that are coming soon or already working to help you keep your business running.

Together through COVID-19 pandemic 3

Order Routing

In case one or more of our Print Providers are temporarily unavailable, we can automatically route your order to a different print provider to fulfill.

Together through COVID-19 pandemic 4

Product and Print Provider Replacement Tool

Easily migrate your Designs, Descriptions, and Titles from one product to another. Print Providers can be switched with minor adjustments in product details.

Together through COVID-19 pandemic 5

Order Import

Previously only available on Printify Premium, this is especially useful for merchants who offer personalized products or product bundles. The updated easy-to-use feature allows you to import orders with SKU numbers that do not match Printify SKUs.

Together through COVID-19 pandemic 6

Migration Tool

This feature allows you to easily migrate your products from other Print On Demand platforms and sync with Printify,  for automatic fulfillment of all your future orders.

Together through COVID-19 pandemic 7

Incoming Order Filtering

When an order cannot be delivered due to its destination having shipping restrictions, this feature will allow you to easily filter and manage such orders.

Together through COVID-19 pandemic 8

Import'Ant extension

This Google Chrome extension enables orders to be imported from any eCommerce (e.g. Amazon, BigCommerce, Squarespace) or Print On Demand platform into your Printify store with just a few clicks.

Live Print Provider Updates

While the COVID-19 outbreak has greatly impacted business operations, our objective is to use our broad network of print providers to work around the constant changes and closures. Check the real time updates below frequently to find out what’s going on with your Print Provider. 

1. Shipping Delays may hapen in parts of Europe as many governments have suspended air-travel.

2. The UK introduced more strict restrictions on March 23rd 2020. While these restrictions DO NOT currently affect our UK-based Print Providers (T Shirt and Sons, WPaPS, Prodigi) operations, we will continue to monitor the situation and inform you of any changes.

Quickly check the status of your Print Provider

March 29th, 2020
  • DTG2GO Reno, Nevada location is open again. All other locations retain their operations as usual.
March 20th, 2020
  • DTG2GO Reno, Nevada location closed until further notice (no impact on orders). All other locations retain their operations as usual.

Match 26th, 2020

Both “The Dream Junction” print locations temporarily closed until further notice

  • Following the order of closing non-essential businesses issued by the State of Kentucky, “The Dream Junction” will also temporarily suspend operations for their second printing facility (The Dream Junction Kentucky)
  • “The Dream Junction” will be temporarily disabled on the Printify platform which means new products with them cannot be created
  • All existing and incoming “The Dream Junction” orders that have not yet been sent to production will be temporarily put “On Hold”. We are nearing the launch of a feature for automatic rerouting of unfulfillable orders to a different Print Provider with matching colors and sizes
  • We will try to find a solution to fulfill the orders that have already been sent to production at “The Dream Junction”. In the extreme case that an order cannot be fulfilled, it will be cancelled and refunded
March 20th, 2020
  • The Dream Junction moves operations from Santa Ana to Kentucky
  • The Dream Junction will apply a $0.14 increase (per item) for the Premium Plan users, and a $0.18 increase for the Standard Plan users, due to logistic expenses. (New pricing effective March 21, 2020)
  • The Dream Junction reduced its variants options available for production. See list here
  • The Dream Junction made DHL services as their standard international shipping courier 
March 23rd, 2020

MyLocker is temporarily closed

  • MyLocker will temporarily close its operations  due to “Safer At Home” Order issued in the State of Michigan (effective March 24, 12:00AM EST)
  • We are temporarily disabling MyLocker on the Printify platform, which means no new products with MyLocker can be created


March 18th, 2020
  • SPOKE Custom Products will not deliver to Italy


March 21st, 2020
  • ArtsAdd Shipping Rates Updated. Your Action Required: We advise all Etsy users to republish their products. Wix and Shopify users should adjust their shipping rates to reflect these changes as of March 21st, 2020
  • All Products (except Crew Socks)
    USA & CAN No Additional Costs
    International Shipping Additional Costs: $2.00 (First item) +  $1.25 (Each Additional Item)
March 20th, 2020
  • ArtsAdd will apply an additional $2.50 in shipping costs (per order) due to switching their shipping couriers from EMS to 4PX. New pricing effective March 21, 2020
March 16th, 2020
  • ArtsAdd stopped shipping to select regions of Spain


March 24th, 2020

Troupe Jewelry temporarily closed

  • Troupe will be temporarily closed due to the lockdown announced in Massachusetts until further notice. 
  • All new Troupe Jewelry orders will be automatically canceled
  • We are temporarily disabling Troupe Jewelry on the Printify platform, which means new products with them cannot be created
  • You will be able to manually recreate all canceled orders when Troupe Jewelry resumes their operations. We will inform you as soon as that happens
  • We will cancel and refund all the Troupe Jewelry orders that are currently in production and will not be fulfilled