We’ve updated Printify’s Terms of Service

Thank you for choosing Printify to run your ecommerce business. We promise to keep you informed of important changes to our policies so here’s a summary of what’s new.

Introducing a new yearly subscription. Printify is still free for use.
The subscription is an option of your choice to get even more from using Printify.

  1. With yearly subscription you get all the perks that you get within the monthly subscription plan – up to 20% discounts.
  2. The full subscription fee for the year amounts to $299.88 and will be charged at once. You will be charged only in case you proactively sign up for a yearly subscription or upgrade from monthly.
  3. Your Subscription plan will be auto-renewed, unless manually canceled. 
  4. Subscription fees are non-refundable.
  5. If you switch from a monthly to an yearly subscription before the end of the billing cycle, the fees for unused days within will be proportionally deducted from the yearly fee.

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