We’ve updated Printify’s Terms of Service

Thank you for choosing Printify to run your ecommerce business. We promise to keep you informed of important changes to our policies so here’s a summary of what’s new.


We are very excited to finally offer embroidery on Printify and are eager to help you start creating new products as soon as possible. However, embroidery is not like other print on demand methods and the designs must meet specific requirements. We’ve updated our terms to set proper expectations.

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Printify Premium

Printify has a monthly subscription plan that offers up to a 20% discount on all products. This allows merchants to offer products at better prices and be more competitive in the market. Merchants should be clear however on how subscription charges work and when charges happen. See our terms to learn more.

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Other changes

  • Printify aims to treat all of our merchants with respect. We expect the same from you. We’ve added a clause stating that any harassment of our agents can be cause for account termination. Let’s keep it civil. See More.
  • We’ve clarified our reprint and refund policy to include a stipulation that we can only honor any reprint or refunds within 30 days of product delivery. See more.