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Learn how to build a Shopify store, select products, and turn traffic into customers with your Print-on-Demand mentor Joe Robert



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Joe Robert - Shopify Expert and Creator of POD Ninjas

Joe Robert started his first POD store in 2016, and since then has turned his POD products into a full-time income. He started POD Ninjas as a way for print-on-demand sellers to discuss their businesses, get help, and review products.

His YouTube videos have more than 5 million views, and the POD Ninjas Facebook group is the largest in the world with almost 80,000 members. In 2020, Joe started taking on coaching clients, helping them build their own POD brands – and so far his students have made more than $5 million in POD store sales!

From Zero to Recurring Revenue In Under a Month

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Joe’s teachings on setting up eCommerce stores have generated over $5 million for his students


With your store up and running, you’ll have your own brand new business and income stream.

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Two Courses, Endless Learning

Choose your course based on your experience with eCommerce and Print on Demand.


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Never opened an eCommerce store before? Not sure where to start? Joe’s starter course will help you get up and running in no time.

You’ll learn how to:

You’ll need:

  • A Printify account
  • The determination to add a stable source of passive income and build your own business.

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Tried eCommerce or Print on Demand before? Need to take your store to the next level, Joe’s intermediate course will get your there.

You’ll learn how to:

You’ll need:

  • A Printify account with a Shopify Store connected.
  • At least 1 sales in the last 30 days.

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Tried and Tested Methods

Joe has mentored thousands of students to millions of sales.

Live Streamed Learning

Monday through Wednesday, Joe brings you the knowledge you need to create the vibrant, high performing store.

Get Your Questions Answered

Every Friday, Joe is on hand to bring you solutions to any problem you might have.

Community Support

Gets access to an exclusive group of students on the same journey to financial freedom.

Daily Recaps

Handy summaries of your daily learnings delivered to you at the end of every day.

More Programs Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for more lessons from the top minds in POD + Printify

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Our Mentorship program welcomes Printify merchants who want to sell POD goods on Shopify. For our Beginners track, we welcome anyone who is just starting their eCommerce journey, you don’t need a Shopify store or knowledge of Print on Demand, just a determination to sell.

For our Intermediate track, we welcome merchants who already have a Shopify store and at least 10 sales. We will review who is selected for this track on a case-by-case basis. Places on the program are limited.

The sessions will be available in an exclusive, closed, password-protected Facebook group. We will share access to it via email if you’re accepted onto the course.

Yes, all the live sessions will be recorded and available for you to watch any time. We will share the access link with you once you’re accepted in the program.

The program will last 2 weeks.

At the moment there is no fee to participate in any of our Mentorship program tracks.