Helping Ukrainians Open a Business

The events in Ukraine have been unsettling for everyone. Millions of Ukrainians are now trying to rebuild their lives. To show support and solidarity, Printify has created a special program to help Ukrainians open their own business and create a source of income.

What We Offer

$100 Store Credit

to cover your first orders and help you get started.

6 Months of Free Printify Premium

which will give you a discount of up to 20% on all our products.

Benefits of Owning a Store

It’s simple

Opening an online shop has never been easier. With just a few hours of work, you can launch your very own online store.

It’s 100% free

Opening a Printify account is completely free. And with the print-on-demand business model you only pay for an order once a customer buys from you. You never need to pre-order any stock. In addition, you can use your special $100 store credit to cover your first orders. No need to wait for the money from your customer to arrive (which usually takes a few days).

All you need is a laptop and a connection to the internet

You don’t need to go to the office and follow a work schedule. You can work from anywhere in the world and choose for yourself how much time you want to devote to your store.

Great opportunity for building your own business

Many of our customers succeeded in building their own POD businesses, some of which went on to become their main source of income. Check out our success stories for some inspiration.

Helping Ukrainians Open a Business Open a Print On Demand Store

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How It Works

Step 1: Sign Up – Create a free Printify account

Click here to sign up. Enter your email address and create a password. After that, go to My account and complete your profile with your personal details. Here’s a short tutorial.

Step 2: Explore the catalog and choose the products you want to sell

Go through the 800+ items in the Printify catalog and select the products that you want to sell from the print provider (manufacturer) that fits you best. To help you decide, we recommend checking the print providers’ location, pricing, and ranking.

Step 3: Upload your custom designs

Now that you chose the products you want to sell, it’s time to make them unique and upload your designs. Check this video to see how to upload a design. If you don’t have design skills, you can use designs from Shutterstock and pay a small fee per design, or hire a freelancer to help you (marketplaces like Fiverr and 99 Designs are a great place to start).

Step 4: Integrate your Printify account with a sales platform

Now that you’ve got your products ready, you just need to put them on sale to the world. The best way to do this is  to create an eCommerce store. Luckily, Printifty easily integrates with some of the world’s most popular online marketplaces and eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and others. See all our integration options here.

To help you get started, we put together  this video on setting up an Etsy store and connecting it to your Printify account. It’s a super simple process and requires ZERO financial investment.

Step 5: Publish your products to your store and start making sales

Good job, you’re all set! Now you can publish all the products you’ve created on Etsy and start making your fortune. Once a customer buys from your store, Printify will automatically receive the order request from Etsy. Then, our print providers will print, package, and ship the product directly to your customer.

Step 6: Work on your marketing strategy

All that’s left is for you to do is work on your marketing strategy. Check out this video to see our top 10 Etsy SEO tips in 2022. In addition, you may want to check out this prediction video from 10 top Print on Demand experts. 

And if you’d like to connect with likeminded merchants, we highly encourage you to join our official Facebook group.

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