The Halloween countdown begins!

This year’s hobgoblins, fairies, and demons will be stalking the streets playing tricks and demanding sweets on Saturday, October 31, 2020.

Before you start working out how many days until Halloween, let’s take a step back and look at how the holiday was born, to a time before the commercialization of mass-produced Halloween gifts that stock the shelves  of every out-let – when Halloween was greeted by the community with a genuine sense of fear and dread!

The birth of costumes and masks

Bonfires and hearth fires become synonymous with winter to ward away evil, benighted spirits ! The living would wear masks and other frightful disguises to avoid being recognized by meandering ghosts. 

While most of us will not be waiting for a herd of cattle to return to our gardens, the chances are we will be carrying on the tradition of dressing up in spooky disguises, carving pumpkins and decorating our houses in Halloween themed paraphernalia. Which of course in contemporary terminology means big business!

Halloween Kids

Creating and selling Halloween gifts

The Halloween gift market is wide and varied and will be celebrated by all age groups and genders in all manner of ways. Which means for designers and merchants you have a plethora of themes to explore, to stretch your imagination and create an exclusive Halloween gift range.

As well as our collection of Halloween shirts we have a whole host of other Halloween gifts perfect for customizing with ghostly designs. Such as face masks, scarves, leggings and to make sure the boat is really pushed across the river Styx, for the home we have pillowcases, shower curtains, stickers, wall prints, blankets and more.

Whether you are a new merchant in e-commerce or a seasoned one, festive ranges, especially Halloween, inspired ones are always a dead cert when it comes to a spike in online searches for personalized products. 

The traditional stores are full of people hunting for a unique spooky twist and often find mainly generic mass-produced goods that leave very little to the imagination.

The one thing the traditional outlets do that we encourage is to get your designs and product range in your stores at the start of the Halloween countdown. Getting your range ready when the excitement begins to build will make sure those who like to pre-plan can purchase your exclusive Halloween gifts and have them delivered way ahead of time.

With that in mind, we have picked some designs for our product range that we think will inspire you to create your very own range of unique Halloween gifts.



Halloween gifts designs

Customized T-shirts are always a big hit, especially at Halloween. We stock a wide range of tees for men, women and kids in a variety of different styles and sizes to cater for all tastes.

Our AOP unisex Cut & Sew tee is the perfect canvas for your spooky designs because AOP means ‘All over printing’ so the front, back and sleeves are all customizable. 

What is trending this Halloween is funny, quirky text slogans in creepy fonts. So why not pair our AOP unisex Cut & Sew tee with “I don’t need Halloween-2020 has been bad enough!’ or “Not a ghost, just dead inside'” or “Let’s get spooky” or “Future ghost”. With a whole host of base colours to choose from and all-over print available, customised tee make great Halloween gifts.

Halloween All Over Print Design
Halloween Couple Tshirt Design

The couple’s market, especially during the holiday season, always proves to be lucrative. Our long sleeve shirts will help maximize your revenue and give you the creative freedom to produce unique designs any couple would want to be seen in.

With both front and back ready to be customized the 100% spun cotton material makes them not only comfortable to wear but also long-lasting so your Halloween gifts can be worn again and again.

With a wide spectrum of base colours available, the current Halloween trend for coupes is slogans like ‘I’m not a witch, I’m his wife” and for him “Get back, witch! ” or “I’m his boo” and “I’m his witch”. Combining them with images and design elements and adding a creepy font for the lettering you will be the right place to tap into the couple’s market.

The face mask has become a necessity and wearing one to add a layer of protection is the new normal. Made of 100% Polyester and machine washable our face masks can make the ideal Halloween gift.

For design ideas, every creepy composition will work! Whether you chose to use a pattern of skulls or skeletons or witches on broomsticks any design choice will look impressive.

If you want to design for the hardcore horror fan, creating a ghoulish pumpkin or clown mouth will add some seriously sinister vibes to your mask.

Halloween Face Mask Vampire Mouth Design
Halloween Scary Scarf Deisgn

Our light and airy 100% Polyester scarves make awesome Halloween gifts for him, her and the kids. Available in multiple sizes our scarfs are fully customizable, which makes an ideal addition to your Halloween costume.  

Classic Halloween combinations always look eye-catching on scarfs, a black base and spindly silver spider web, or orange base with bats are never off-trend.

This year the skull and crossbones and the infinity ghost pattern are all the rage. The great thing about this Halloween gift is that due to its light material it can be used as an accessory to jazz up any outfit in any season.


Halloween Skeleton Legging Design

Our tagless, elastic skinny fit leggings can add a new dimension to your Halloween costume. With roll to roll all-over printing available there is no reason, your designs can’t be the centrepiece of your outfit.

The black and white stripe or the circus stripe as it is known, adds a dramatic sense of gothic style, the skeleton x-ray is another design that can make sure your leggings are centre stage.

Why not design a whole costume and pair our leggings with one of your tees, by creating the ultimate Halloween gift! A matching tee and legging combination of a zombie, skeleton or Frankenstein design would be a great product to add to your range. 

When Halloween comes around the decorations come out, don’t be caught out and not have ghostly shower curtains ready to be hung up! Easy to wash and maintain due to curtains being coated with a water repellent, why shouldn’t the bathroom have its own sense of mischief and fun?

With the right design, your shower curtain can turn your bathroom in a horror scene, it just takes a sinister silhouette and splashes of claret for dramatics, a giant spider web or a screaming Medusa head on a shower curtain can set the tone when it comes to home decorations. Depending on what level of gruesomeness your target market celebrates Halloween on, you can tailor designs to suit everyone’s tastes.

Halloween Horror Shower Curtain Deisgn
Halloween Kids Tshit Design

When the Halloween countdown has finished and the season has finally arrived, for kids this means one thing – it’s time to get ready for trick or treating! 

The kids’ market for Halloween gifts is huge, creating t-shirts for this age group is almost certain to boost your revenue!

With so many child-friendly characters and themes associated with the spooky season there will be no problem creating truly inspired designs. 

What is trending this current season, is playful twists on the trick or treating phrase like having the text of trick or treat visible but with a line through it, and underneath it says “just place the candy in the bag and nobody gets hurt!” or bow crew-trick or treat?

To maximize your designs, adding skeletons, skulls or pumpkins is a nice way to give the tee a design element, and to make the overall feel more personalized. 

 Halloween gifts printed on demand

Our print on demand business model offers a low-risk, high gain opportunity that needs creativity, time and effort not cash to make it a success.

The way it works is simple. You create your Printify account and then add your designs to any one of our products in the catalog. With over 250 products available and more being updated regularly there is no short supply in choice. 

As we are a no money upfront business model you will not need to put forward any money of your own. Setting up and selling your products will not cost you a penny! Once an order has been confirmed only then will the item be sent to production, with our hassle-free fulfilment, we even take care of your orders too, leaving you sitting back, relaxing and watching your designs take off!

So, when you partner with Printify, stockpiling and the cost of warehousing or staff will never be an issue! In fact, when you choose to partner with Printify you will get instant access to some of the best print suppliers out there!



When it comes to designing personalised gifts for festive seasons, we at Printify have learnt the golden rule which is planning and preparation! Customers will be scouring e-commerce stores for gifts ideas months in advance.

So, by having your designs and your products ready in advance, means your products will be there first to be seen and your Halloween gifts will be the first to catch your customer’s eye.

Through our gathered experience, we know choosing your target market is also very important, especially when it comes to Halloween. What makes the holiday so unique for both designers and customers is the different connections the age groups have to its themes. Your designs can be as cute as a pumpkin on a t-shirt or terrifying as an axe wielding  madman on a shower curtain.

We want you to be as creative and as innovative as possible with our product ranges to create exclusive gifts, traditional shops will not supply. 

That’s why we created our technology platform that simplifies and automates print-on-demand services. It ensures our merchants can conceptualize and produce product ranges without any boundaries or restrictions!

Remember – setting up your Printify account is just 3 easy steps away! To get started you just need a valid email address to set up your Printify account. Then it’s just the case of answering a few simple questions on what you will be using your account for, then you’re free to name your store and start designing.

There is no money up-front required and none of the products that you will stock in your online store will be made until an order has been confirmed. Once the order has been confirmed our hassle-free fulfilment takes the stress out of that too!

So, start designing a collection of Halloween gifts today and put your store ahead of the pack by offering exclusive personalized products with Printify.