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Know the Best Print on Demand Companies on Printify – Print Provider Ranking Explained

Print On Demand Companies Ranking Explained

Selecting a print on demand company directly impacts how some of your business’s essential features will be fulfilled. This is because quality, quick fulfillment times, and reliable delivery are also fast are some of the features of an established print on demand business.  Choosing your print provider does not always feel as critical in the moment, mostly because it happens right before you design your products, which is exciting.  It is, therefore, crucial to making these decisions in the most straightforward way possible. That is why we created a way for you to make these prime decisions quickly and within the shortest time possible. A method for you to pick out the top print provider quickly with guaranteed certainty that the choice you make is a good one.

With Printify’s Print Provider Ranking, you can quickly select the right print provider depending on your prerequisites and factoring in the print quality and production times. Your only task is to find the product you wish to sell from the wide range of products offered on the Printify platform and click on it for its respective Print Providers and their ranking. We came up with an algorithm that continuously helps us rank every Print Provider available on the Printify platform and ensure that the rankings are always up to date.

What Is the Print Provider Ranking?

Know the Best Print on Demand Companies on Printify - Print Provider Ranking Explained 1

The following elements determine the Print Provider ranking: the Product Reprint Ratio, the Delayed Production Time, and User Appraisals. Simply put, this means that a compound score is calculated after the Print Provider’s time to complete an order, the total number of reprints that they have had, and their interaction with users and suppliers have been considered. This is the best possible way to evaluate the print provider services’ quality while going through other sellers’ feedback. 

Additionally, the Print Provider Rankings are shown by order of individual Print Provider for every product for your convenience. This appears immediately after clicking on the product you wish to sell then scrolling to see which Print Provider is offering the product. Alongside each Print Provider’s name, you will find their score in numbers, their Print Provider Ranking score. Their number score represents their overall rating. You should seriously consider the ranking before placing orders for an informed decision. To make it easier for you, after choosing the product you want to sell, you can click on the  “Sort by” function followed by “Printify ranking,” which allows you to filter the Print list Providers to start with the highest-ranked Print Providers.

Can I Influence Print Provider Rankings?

Printify merchants can influence the ratings of print providers in several ways. One significant way of affecting these ratings is to leave any feedback on your tester order. You will be able to rate your Print Provider on a scale of 1-5 stars when given your tester order. After placing your sample order, a more comprehensive review window will open up where you can write down your sentiments besides providing general feedback about the Print Provider’s quality and fulfillment promptness.

While Print Provider Rankings are an easy way to determine the best print on demand company to work with, it is imperative that you also do your research regarding brands, colors, prices, shipping prices, production times, and shipping times. While we aspire to help you make a quick, informed decision, you will need more tailored information when choosing the best print on demand companies for your business as you grow your business.

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