Custom Baseball Jerseys

Perfect for MLB fans or just anyone who loves a pitch, flyball, or homerun, our custom baseball jerseys are a match ready for your winning designs. Create unique next-generation jerseys your customers will fall in love with and start selling today.

Design Your Own Baseball Jersey

All Over Print

Create top sellers with a unique look that can’t be duplicated. Cover every inch of these baseball jerseys with your distinct custom designs.

Quality Assured

Made from 100% polyester, this artificial fabric is lightweight but durable. The moisture-wicking material transfers moisture away from your skin during any sport-keeping you cool and ready to perform.

Design in Minutes

Use the free Printify Mockup Generator to effortlessly complete your design in minutes.

Our Custom Baseball Jerseys

Perfect for players and MLB fanatics, our custom jerseys are popular choices as uniforms for teams, leagues and everyday wearers. The 100% breathable polyester fabric makes every jersey comfortable and easy to maintain. Our men’s jerseys and ladies’ jerseys feature a full button front with customizable button colors, alongside a customizable trim. 

Prices start from $22.01 and all jerseys are ready for you to customize with your unique designs. AOP makes every jersey completely customizable. Differentiate your store and its collection from other teams, stores, officially licensed MLB jerseys, and brands. The moisture-wicking material of every jersey pulls moisture from your body, keeping you dry and comfy every moment, against every team.

Our Custom Baseball Jerseys

Why Should You Sell Custom Baseball Jerseys?

Three years ago, GQ admitted that baseball is actually high-fashion. And who are we to disagree? This is no surprise. Baseball is the second most popular sport in America, and the global market for baseball apparel is forecast to be worth over $500 Million by 2026.

You don’t have to be Nike selling authentic MLB jerseys, offer free jersey assurance like Fanatics, or have express permission from the MLB shop to start selling into this growing market.

Custom uniforms are propelling the expansion of the baseball apparel market globally, with custom jerseys worth half the market alone. This is a clear indication for print-on-demand (POD) sellers to start offering unique jerseys.

Create Your Own Custom Baseball Jerseys!

Want to Start Selling Custom Baseball Jerseys? Start With Printify!

Create an account and start designing custom jerseys (and more) that can be instantly published to your store. We manage the automated order production and ship directly to your end customer. So start selling immediately and watch the orders come in!

Customize Your Product

Our Mockup Generator allows you to effortlessly upload your own design and review a high-quality mockup image of your customized jerseys for free. No need for a design course or website that takes a few hours, you can just click away in a web browser and make your own jersey instantly.

Order Samples

Ordering samples is a great opportunity to check the AOP print quality and see the perfect finished product, before offering the items to your customers.

The sample cost is the same as the end product cost. You can save some money on this by becoming a Printify Premium member, where for $29/month, you can save up to 20% on each item from our catalog, AND these twenty-nine dollars get deposited to your Printify account, so you can use this one-time subscription bonus to order samples!

Want to Start Selling Custom Baseball Jerseys_ Start With Printify
Want to Start Selling Custom Baseball Jerseys_ Start With Printify

Publish to your selected eCommerce solution

You can painlessly connect your store to Printify by following one of our simple integration guides. Marketplaces and eCommerce platforms are two solutions you can sign up with when launching your store.


eCommerce platforms allow you to create your own personalized shop. Highly customizable, they give you the option to create a shop in your style. There are a range of popular platforms to choose from if you want to customize an online store:

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, with over two million active websites in 2021. Launch an online store without worrying about the server and web development costs that can result from self-hosted platforms.

The interface is clean and user-friendly, with the features logically structured. If you find any aspect difficult, you can find a range of instructional videos available for free. Shopify also offers great customer support, available 24 hours a day. 

You don’t need to learn any technical expertise to launch a Shopify jersey store, all software and hosting is provided by the platform. Choose from over 160 mobile-responsive themes and over 2400 specialized apps to help you sell more jerseys.

With over five Million live sites as of 2021, WooComerce ranks as one of the leading popular eCommerce platforms. The platform is an open-source plugin built on WordPress, keeping your site completely customizable around your specific business requirements.

WooCommerce has a big community of developers, and the platform has a wide range of plugins available to support your jersey store. If you’re already familiar with the WordPress interface, it can be easy to understand how the WooCommerce backend works. 

If you’re stuck with any features of the platform, there are a wide range of public tutorials. Woocommerce also has a range of built-in analytics available, giving you useful insights to build an effective marketing strategy and increase sales.

One of the simplest eCommerce platforms featured, everything runs directly in your browser and is perfect for launching a new store. Sort through over 500 templates and customize with the intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

Alternatively, Wix Artificial Design Intelligence allows you to answer a few simple questions and then builds your site for you. This all-in-one platform provides all the tools and software to build a great site, without having to learn any code.

Squarespace offers sleek templates for you to build your site. Even with no experience designing websites, you can easily set up pages right away. You can include demo pages to give you an idea of the template style, then tailor the images, text, font and colors to fit your brand.

The user-friendly platform uses content blocks that you can add to a page and simply drag and drop when building. As there are no plug-in choices available, the store creation process is nice and streamlined.

The all-in-one platform doesn’t require you to learn any code, so you can save time and money quickly editing the site yourself. If you want to further customize your store, there is a section where you can add code, but there is still no need to learn.

Squarespace is responsive and optimizes your store for any potential customer viewing from a tablet, mobile or desktop. The built-in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) feature makes use of SEO best practices and can help convert a potential customer’s product search into site traffic.


Marketplaces can be a great place to start when launching your shop. They are a place where customers can use a product search to look up products listed by multiple sellers. To create a store within a marketplace there are two key marketplaces to pick from:

Etsy caters to customers shopping for unique products and brands. Searches can focus on men’s jerseys, ladies’ jerseys, team fanatics, players or even the team’s color. A key attractive feature of Etsy is the low start-up cost. Listing items is very affordable and Etsy then collects a percentage fee based on the sales price.

The marketplace offers instant trust from shoppers. With over 86.53 Million active users in 2021, most customers are aware of the site and happy to make a purchase. Buyers know their financial and personal information is secure and can trust Etsy’s transaction system.

Launched in 1995 as a site that solely sold secondhand goods, eBay has since become the world’s largest online marketplace, allowing you to sell almost anything. The marketplace has evolved from used goods and now 80% of goods listed are classified as new.

The site has grown rapidly and now has over 182 million users worldwide and has the second-largest eCommerce market share in the United States. You don’t need to apply to sell on eBay, you can simply sign up in minutes and create a listing millions can find.

Designed to help you run your business with as little hassle as possible, eBay offers analysis tools in the marketplace’s sellers hub.  Allowing you to get insights into products trends and see which of your products are bestsellers. You can also see how long it takes you to pack and ship products and which promotions shoppers use.

You Enjoy, Printify Works

All order operations with Printify are completely automated, allowing you to focus on making more sales. When you sell a custom jersey, the jersey is sent to production. Our print providers print the garment and the jerseys are shipped directly to your customer after passing strict quality control.
Even better, you don’t need to spend any money before your first sale comes in. We only charge you once your customer makes a purchase from your store. The difference in price between your store charges and the price listed in the Printify catalog is your profit.

Select and Design Your Custom Baseball Jersey

Men's Baseball Jersey (AOP)
Men's Baseball Jersey (AOP)

Perfect for team uniforms, leagues, or old-fashioned jersey fanatics, our popular men’s jerseys are loved by players and leagues alike. The 100% polyester material ensures durability and makes maintenance easy. The AOP makes the jersey completely customizable, ready for you to fill every inch of the garment with your team’s colors. Last but not least, the moisture-wicking fabric will keep every player dry and comfy every game.

Looking for a classic jersey to make unique with your own beautiful design? Our ladies’ jerseys are perfect for players of any team and every league. The polyester material makes the jersey both comfortable and durable. Meanwhile, moisture-wicking fabric keeps the player dry and comfy, whether playing or just going about their day.

Women's Baseball Jersey (AOP)
Women's Baseball Jersey (AOP)
Men's Baseball Jersey (AOP)
Men's Baseball Jersey (AOP)

Ideal for players, teams and everyday wear, our men’s jerseys are popular with players, sports fanatics and men who rep their team’s stripes. The AOP makes every portion of the garment completely customizable, ready for you to fill with your fresh colors. The 100% polyester, moisture-wicking fabric will keep you fresh against every team. Finally, the latest printing techniques will provide a bright and crisp design, whether you go for stripes, plaid, or square patterns.

Create Your Own Custom Baseball Jerseys!

Ready to Start?

You don’t need to spend any money before you land your first jersey sale. We only charge you once your customer makes a purchase from your store’s collection. The difference in price between your store charges for MLB jerseys and the price listed in the Printify catalog is your profit.

All order operations are automated with the above integrations, allowing you to focus on selling MLB jerseys, an assortment of sports uniforms or your own style. When a sale comes in, the blank new items are sent to production. We then fulfill and ship directly to your customer after passing strict quality control. 

You can sit back, watch sports, and track the progress of every order directly from your Printify account. Create winning deals, work out the details, and drive sales for your store from the bath, the beach, at home, or wherever you’re most comfortable!


100%! All Printify customizable jerseys offered are printed using the all-over-print technique. This provides a single continuous design and a unique look on both sides of the garment.

Yes! The customizable jerseys available are 100% polyester jersey knit fabric. This extremely strong and durable synthetic fabric retains its shape and dries quickly.

Absolutely! All our custom jerseys transfer moisture away from your skin to keep you cool. A moisture-wicking fabric like polyester is one of the easiest ways to keep yourself dry. This fabric will keep you cool every game.

The material is designed to use capillary action to move moisture away from your body so it can dry and evaporate rapidly.

Nope! All Printify print providers are print-on-demand suppliers, who print and fulfill your orders as they come in. Because of this, there is no minimum order size. Your customers are free to order one or 100 personalized jerseys at a time. We do also offer bulk order discounts if you are looking to save on large orders.

Yes, 100%! Samples are the perfect chance to check out the uniforms for your team and league, before sending them out to your customers. You can request order samples from your Printify account. 

The sample cost and the end product cost are the same. You can save up to 20% on each item from our catalog by becoming a Printify Premium member for $29/month. Even better, these twenty-nine dollars get deposited to your Printify balance, so you can use this one-time subscription bonus to order samples!

Sell Your First Custom Baseball Jersey!