Merch For Creators

All-Inclusive Merch Solution for Established Creators

Printify builds fully functional print-on-demand merch stores for influencers and established creators.

What Do You Need to Apply?


We'll build the store with all the bells and whistles. You make it visible and tell everyone about it.

Established Social Media Presence

To enter the program you must have a minimum of 100k followers on a single channel (Youtube, Twitch, TikTok, Instagram, etc.)

What You Get for Signing Up?

Dedicated Account Manager

Your personal, on-call industry veteran

Tailor-Made Merch Store

Printify will set up a ready-to-go Shopify store tailored to your brand

Bespoke Designs That Match Your Brand

Our world-class designers will start you off with a line of custom products

Custom Solutions & Training

Our team of professionals will help to make your unique ideas come to life with custom solutions that suit your audience

As a creator, your primary focus should be on building your brand. Time is the one finite asset in this equation. Apply now and let Printify handle the details of creating a store and designing the products for you. Within a few days, you will receive a custom-built store that’s ready to sell without inventory, and without upfront costs. And zero risks.

Monetize your Instagram

Merch For Your Fans

Are you a YouTube creator? A photographer? A painter or anyone who creates content for the masses and wants to earn from their craft? Now you can create unique custom Merch of top-tier quality, and treat your fans to something they’ll love – with your signature on it.

How Does It Work?

1. Apply

Submit your application to Printify large creator platform.

2. Describe Your Vision

Tell us where you want to take your business.

3. Let Us Design

We’ll design a product series to match your brand and followers’ needs.

4. The Wonder of Creation

We’ll create a custom-built print on demand store for you, optimized for sales.

5. We’ll Hand Over the Keys and You… Start Spreading the News

Share your brand new store with your audience.

Make YouTube Merch

Printify Is Trusted by 2 million+ Merchants Worldwide With More Joining Every Day

YouTube Creators Know How to Make Merch for Youtube

What Does Printify Bring to the Table?

No Orders Missed

Your order could not be fulfilled for reasons unexplained? No biggie: your order will be re-routed to the next available Print Provider that will fulfill it for you. Seamlessly. So that your customers always get what they pay for, on time.

Global Presence

Printify helps you expand your business worldwide. With Print Providers in the US, Canada, Europe, China, and Australia, you can start selling regardless of where you are and break into the most prominent online markets in the world.


Choose, Print, Grow

Our product catalog is continuously expanding with the latest best-sellers at highly competitive prices. Use our ever-growing collection to expand your business and never be left out of emerging trends that can turn the tide for your income overnight.

Creators Already Selling on Printify!

Printify has helped over 200 high-grade creators just like you become Super-Sellers and surpass $200k per month. We’d love to do the same for you. Take your already amazing brand to the next level with Printify! Think you’d fit right in?