Ayman Ihiri Says TikTok Shop Is The Biggest Opportunity Right Now

Ayman Ihiri Says TikTok Shop Is The Biggest Opportunity Right Now

TikTok and its over one billion users present a lucrative opportunity to earn big by selling on TikTok Shop.

For print-on-demand sellers, TikTok Shop offers a fresh and relatively untapped market, and with Printify’s TikTok Shop integration, it couldn’t be more straightforward. 

Today, we’re catching up with Ayman Ihiri, a content creator and successful print-on-demand entrepreneur who uses his TikTok Shop as a source of revenue. 

If you’re an influencer on the platform or a newbie seller, you need to read Ayman’s story and learn why he believes TikTok Shop represents the biggest opportunity online right now.

Disclaimer. For now, the TikTok Shop x Printify integration is only available for merchants located and shipping within the US. But stay tuned – we’re working on expanding this integration to other countries and regions.

Hi Ayman, How Did You Discover Print on Demand?

“I started using Printify around two years ago, in August 2022. I discovered Print on Demand after watching several YouTube videos, and the concept immediately interested me.

The barrier to entry was much lower than with a traditional retail business, especially as you didn’t need to buy a ton of inventory upfront.

Print on Demand also makes it easy to test different designs and get the hang of selling online without being totally invested.”

Not Many New Sellers Start on TikTok. Why Did You Choose the Platform

Not Many New Sellers Start on TikTok. Why Did You Choose the Platform?

“I know that many beginners choose Etsy because it’s easier to get started than creating a standalone website. However, it wasn’t the best fit the my business since I hoped to drive most of my traffic from TikTok.

Instead, I created a Shopify website and connected it to Printify, with organic traffic coming exclusively from TikTok.

Since then, I’ve never used ads and have relied exclusively on my video content for marketing. TikTok Shop hadn’t launched when I started, but today, I use it for all of my print-on-demand sales.”

How Long Did It Take for You to Make Sales?

“Initially, I uploaded many videos to TikTok, often filming content multiple times per day. After around six weeks, I finally began to see traction.

However, it was still difficult to make those initial sales because I didn’t have many followers, and my site lacked reviews and social proof.

It took around two months for me to get my first order. At that point, I said to myself, Okay, this is no longer a vision. It’s something that could actually be real.

Did Your Business Grow Instantly?

“Unfortunately not. After making those initial sales, my progress completely stalled. I tried to create a strategy to improve my situation but ended up wasting my time and losing focus.

Of course, that was entirely the wrong thing to do, and I’d advise any newcomers in the same situation to push through and double down. Don’t lose hope, keep creating content, and upload as many designs as possible.”

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Did TikTok Shop Reignite Your Business?

“Yes! When I started my TikTok Shop, things improved almost instantly. I made my first sale after just three weeks and then received around twenty orders overnight. I had actually created a video a few days before explaining that TikTok Shop was going to be the next big thing in eCommerce, so it was satisfying to see my prediction become a reality.”

What Makes TikTok Shop So Convenient?

“TikTok Shop allows potential customers to complete their purchases very smoothly. They no longer need to search for product links in your profile and can buy directly from your videos or live streams, rather than needing to leave TikTok for a third-party website.

Buying merchandise directly from a video helps content creators avoid the competition they would typically encounter on marketplaces, which also means they can potentially charge higher prices. 

I believe TikTok Shop offers one of the biggest opportunities online right now, and might even be the equivalent of selling on Amazon back in 2011.

Print on Demand has no upfront cost, so for that reason, everyone should try out TikTok Shop for at least a year while there’s still fairly low competition.”

Any Tips For Newcomers About Selling on TikTok?

“If you want to sell on TikTok, your competitive edge will be your content. Try to use the app and understand how the algorithm works, but be very careful not to get sucked in. TikTok can be a huge waste of your time if you lack discipline, but it can also be a fantastic source of traffic if you can figure out what kind of content is doing well.

Another important tip is to avoid being too pushy. Don’t create video after video simply promoting your products. Try to look at your marketing campaigns from a unique angle and make content that is genuinely fun and engaging. 

Finally, I think it’s important not to focus too much on strategy when you’re first starting out. In the beginning, your videos won’t be very good, so the most important thing is to upload often and focus on gaining experience.” 

I discuss a lot more tips on my YouTube channel. Feel free to check it out.

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What Does Your Product Design Process Look Like?

“Initially, I considered hiring a professional designer to create my products. However, in the end, I decided to come up with some ideas by myself.

Today, my partner also helps me out with the design process, and we just try to make products that we find appealing or intriguing. We spent a great deal of time experimenting with samples, and I’m a big believer in the importance of having the physical products in your hand to make sure you’d be happy wearing them yourself.

I think it’s important not to create too much of an emotional connection to your designs. You need to love what you’re selling, but you shouldn’t continue to push products that are failing to resonate with your audience.

If something isn’t selling, maybe people simply don’t like it. You can still wear that design yourself, but you definitely shouldn’t waste time creating multiple videos per day for an item that isn’t working.”

What Do You Think of the TikTok Shop Setup Process?

“I managed to set up a TikTok Shop in around fifteen minutes, and it was simple to connect everything to Printify, too. It’s a very straightforward process, and Printify’s integration makes everything completely seamless.

This is another great time to talk about the importance of just getting started and not procrastinating for weeks about building an online store. It’s so easy to build the basic framework of your business, and you shouldn’t obsess too much over small details like your logo or username.

My advice is to get started today, order some samples, and get to work on creating as much content and products as possible. One day, you’ll wake up and find you have thirty orders, and you’ll wish you got started sooner.”

Are There Any Downsides to TikTok Shop?

“You’re forfeiting a certain level of control compared to running a store on a standalone website. However, you can gain a lot more traffic and improve conversion, so it’s a great option for quickly scaling a print-on-demand business.

Although I highly recommend trying out TikTok Shop, sellers need to be aware of the downsides. The platform is relatively new, so you might experience some growing pains, and seller support can be frustratingly slow. That’s why I started a Skool Online Learning Community where I do TikTok Shop/Shopify coaching.

That said, I’ve shipped over three thousand orders using TikTok and Printify, and I’ve only received six bad reviews, half of which were due to issues completely out of anyone’s control.”

What Do You Like Most About the Print on Demand

What Do You Like Most About the Print on Demand?

“Printify’s Catalog lets you pick and test out a huge variety of products. I’ve sold everything from sweaters to color-changing mugs and even license plate frames. You also don’t need to purchase thousands of dollars worth of inventory to get started, and the prices are very competitive.

However, unlike a classic dropshipping model, you don’t need to negotiate with suppliers or organize shipping. Printify handles everything, allowing you to focus on designing and marketing your products.

One day, I received a hundred orders but still managed to spend the entire time away from home. I went to the mall, found something to eat, and came back in the evening. When I returned, I clicked Submit Order, and everything was taken care of. I can’t think of a better example of the advantages of Print on Demand.”

If You Could Start Over, Would You Do Anything Differently?

“If I could go back, I would have started much sooner. I actually discovered Print on Demand four years ago and even ordered some sample shirts. However, I kept creating obstacles in my head as to why it wouldn’t work. I probably wasted eighteen months that way.

Another mistake I used to make when starting online businesses was giving up too soon. No matter what you do to make money online, you’ll always go through a slump after making some initial sales. Each time I hit that barrier and things slowed down, I would quit.

Those are my two biggest regrets. I should have taken action much sooner and kept progressing towards my goal.”

What Was Your Biggest Challenge, And What Should Beginners Watch Out For?

The biggest challenge is overcoming mental blocks. I cover this a lot in my own content

We spend a lot of time in our own heads and think that making money online is impossible or that content creators are lying about their success. In short, I think it’s easy to allow yourself to fail before you’ve even entered the race.

If you can detach yourself from your results and concentrate on putting in the work, you’ll stand a much greater chance of success. I simply set out a plan and stuck to it, because, afterall, over a long enough time frame, it’s impossible to fail.”

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