Preparing for the Holidays with Printify

With so many sales peaks arriving soon, it’s important to make sure your store is ready. Here, we dive into how this can be your most successful season ever.

Here Is What We Will Cover

The 2020 US holiday season posted better-than-expected retail sales growth, as huge eCommerce gains added to surprisingly positive performance for brick-and-mortar retail. The outlook for the 2021 holiday season is solid.

Retailers hoping to capitalize on post-pandemic opportunities during the 2021 holidays need to begin planning right now. While there are many unknowns about when the US economy will bounce back and which sectors will have the strongest tailwinds, retailers can prepare for several factors that will likely come into play.

Merchant Preparation

From the hottest holiday products to communicating with customers, we’ll help point you in the right direction.

Printify’s Improvements

We’ve made some significant upgrades to the way Printify gets the job done. Check out these fantastic changes.

Top Holiday Tips

Optimize your store settings, fine-tune account details, and reap the benefits of a properly prepared print-on-demand business.

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