How to Get Your Store Ready for the Upcoming Holiday Season

We’re detailing some essential holiday preparations – so you can make the most of this season’s consumer traffic spikes. 

Here Is What Will Cover

This webinar covers the foundations of running a successful ecommerce business during the holiday season. We look into topics that will help you get your store ready for the upcoming sales spike and getting the most out of this once in a year sales opportunity. 

We will cover one of the most important topics when it comes to ecommerce – SEO. You will learn various holiday sales techniques that will help you increase your revenues. You will understand the importance of customer support and how hectic it can get during these upcoming months.

Are you ready for all this season’s sales? Make sure that your store can support all the eager customers headed your way.


Learn to harness web traffic by controlling features, long-tail keywords, CTAs, menu navigation, and other tactics to lure in customers.

Winning Strategies

Explore proven tactics to boost sales: bundling, shipping deals, up-selling, cross-selling, discounts, and more. It all adds up to a fuller bank account.

Customer Support

We've got your back 24/7. Our new-and-improved support capabilities mean that we're continually better equipped to help our merchants prosper.

Useful Apps

Remember, a significant number of modern customers rely on their phones to shop. Cast a wider net with Etsy and Shopify compatibility.

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