Custom printed water bottles, your next big business?

Valued at $7.4 billion in 2015, and expected to rise to $10.19 billion by 2024, the water bottle industry is booming. Bottle prices range from $20, $30, and even $80.

Why you should sell custom printed water bottles? 

A quick look on Etsy, Amazon, and eBay will show you that stainless steel water bottles are ruling the game. The three main style trends in high demand are:

What’s trending in custom printed water bottles?



Simple, clear design bottles are the biggest trend at the moment. Matte, Black, all-white, or a light pastel matte colors that exude coolness & freshness seems to be the best bet.


Celebratory Water Bottles e.g Weddings

Personalized bridesmaids water bottles are now included in formal Bridesmaids’ requests and invitations that come with a gift bag. 


Personalized Bottles

It seems everyone wants to see their name in cute, glitzy water bottles. The names come in a range of colors, e.g. marble and rose gold, with nice flowery fonts. 

Start designing your custom printed water bottles!