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In 2014, Tribe Socks began selling socks and quickly saw that there was a huge demand for customized socks. However, there were no good options for a high-quality printing of them. Socks were either knit, which have a nice feel but are incredibly limiting from a design standpoint, or they were dye sublimated, which look great until you put them on. Frustrated by the status quo, they set out to reinvent how socks are made from the thread up. Today, they are leading DTG socks print providers with amazing products all over the world.


Tribe Socks provides the following products to Printify merchants.

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DTG Socks
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Face Masks


Tribe Socks provide its own brand to Printify merchants.

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Tribe Socks

Fulfillment locations

Tribe socks has one fulfillment location in the USA. 


1 location

California, USA


Tribe Socks signature process enables them to print high-resolution photo quality artwork, directly onto premium 200 needle knit half terry socks. The design depth and retail quality is unparalleled, and we are proud to open up our production with quality oriented brands, on-demand. 

Tribe Sock uses water-based inks in CMYK and special DTG printers designed exclusively for their printing process. All of the orders go through a 3 step quality control process to ensure that only socks that meet their high standards are shipped.


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