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The Print Bar is an award-winning custom print studio set on bringing your ideas, creativity, and character into the wondrous world of print. They’re in the business of print, design, and creativity and are proud to say they’ve garnered a reputation for their quality prints, creative workshops, live paintings, and art exhibitions.

Run by a team of designers, artists, and print specialists, The Print Bar’s goal is to take their client’s ideas into the world. They believe there’s a wealth of untapped creative potential in all of us and it’s time we shared it around.


The Print Bar provides the following products to Printify merchants.

Children's Wear


The Print Bar provides the following brands to Printify merchants.

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Gildan Brand

Fulfillment locations

The Print Bar has two fulfillment locations in Australia. 


2 locations

Brisbane, Australia
Melbourne, Australia


DTG Printing 

The Print Bar has grown rapidly over the years with their print family also grown with the company. They are now a team of 25, including master printers who bring years of experience to their team. The Print Bar has also moved into a creative warehouse in the heart of Brisbane that houses the most advanced printing equipment in Australia. This is what makes The Print Bar the best garment printer in the country.

The Print Bar uses state of the art printing equipment which offers artists and designers unparalleled color matching and detail. All of the garments they source are certified to be socially and environmentally responsible, adhering to the regulations from the Child Labour Free and W.R.A.P certification board


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