New features from Printify

Here’s an overview of important features that will improve your experience with Printify and allow you to save time, so you can focus on what really matters – growing your business. 


Check out the list of features in 2019

  1. Custom Order Import: Bring orders into Printify with ease
  2. Duplicate Store: Like Michael Keaton in Multiplicity, only better
  3. Replace Products and Print Providers: Update your products and printers
  4. Print Provider Rankings: Only the best for Printify’s owners
  5. SOS Folder: Help yourself!
  6. Product Selective Publishing: Change it up, without changing everything

Custom Order Import

New features from Printify 1

Are you selling bundles or personalized merch with names or other graphics on it? You may want to check out our custom order import. It can pull in orders from third-party platforms like Etsy or eBay and then allow you to fulfill them. It’s especially useful when you’re trying to sell the same item but with a slightly different graphic or design. Check out our guide on how to do it, and get those bundles out the door!


New features from Printify 2

Duplicate to store

Updating your theme or moving your store? Check out the duplicate store feature! This one is amazing if you’re launching several stores and want a “template” to serve as a basis. Then all you need to do is update the designs or artwork on the new store, or keep it as is if you’re launching a custom affiliate program! Power users will find this feature to be a time-saving gem!

dublicate to store
New features from Printify 3
New features from Printify 4

Replace/Products and Print Providers

Need to update your print provider or color offerings? It happens from time to time, some print providers will become more competitive on price, discontinue products, or perhaps you want to switch to one that’s a bit closer to your customer base. We make it easy for you! Just follow along with the video to get your products sorted out!  


New features from Printify 5

Print Provider rankings

Print provider rankings are our way of showing you the best and brightest we have to offer. We take data from the orders across our system, apply an algorithm, and give you rankings based on the provider’s performance. What do we base it on? Things like Product Reprint Ratio, the Delayed Production Time Ratio, and the User Reviews. What do you get? When you make a product, you can see the Print Provider ranking to the right of the item. A great idea of which providers are going to be the best fit for your store! Read more here.

New features from Printify 6

SOS folder - Self Service Submission

A lot of our customers were requesting this feature: line item support ticket requests. What does it mean? If you’ve got an issue with just a single order, check out the “Submit Issue” hyperlink on each line of each order. You can find it on your Orders tab. Issues submitted through the form will be resolved quickly and efficiently. What does this do? It helps to resolve issues on a single line item, gets to support faster, and makes sure your issue is taken care of. 💪 


New features from Printify 7
New features from Printify 8

Product Selective Publishing

Want to update your product listing but don’t want to update the whole thing? Don’t worry about having to re-do or save all of your work, we’ve got you covered. Just update the parts that need it, one checkbox at a time. 🙌

That’s it!

Get to selling, and hopefully, you’ll find these features to be both useful and time-saving. If you haven’t started yet with Printify, open an account today to take advantage of these awesome features.