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Proudly known as the leader of the textile and custom printing industry, MWW On Demand (a division of MWW) is a family-owned business built on quality American-made products and outstanding customer service. They place a high priority on technology investment and innovation, constantly modernizing their services, products, and manufacturing. A great example is MWW’s use of On Demand and Woven On Demand manufacturing.


MWW on Demand provides the following products to Printify merchants.

MWW on Demand 1
Pillows and Pillow Covers by MWW on Demand
Blankets by MWW on Demand
MWW on Demand 2
Shower Curtains by MWW on Demand
Shower Curtains
Bath Mat by MWW on Demand
Bath Mats
MWW on Demand 3
Wall Tapestries
Bags by MWW on Demand
All Over Print Leggings by MWW on Demand
Skirts and Dresses by MWW on Demand
Dresses & Skirts
MWW on Demand 4
Pet Bed
Accessory Pouches by MWW on Demand
Apron by MWW on Demand
Comforter by MWW on Demand
Microfiber Duvet Cover by MWW on Demand
Duvet Covers
Rugs by MWW on Demand
Area Rugs


MWW On Demand provides its own brand and products to Printify merchants

Fulfillment locations

MWW On Demand has one fulfillment center located in the USA and multiple large distribution centers.


2 locations

Main Location: Hendersonville, North Carolina

With over 1 Million square feet of manufacturing and distribution space, MWW Inc. is one of the largest and most advanced facilities of its kind. They are one of the only remaining companies in the world who can start from a single thread, complete the manufacturing process, and distribute shipments all under one roof.

California, United States

1 location

Weil am Rhein, Germany


Dye Sublimation and Direct-to-Fabric Printing

MWW On Demand uses two methods to create products: Dye Sublimation and Direct-to-Fabric Printing. Dye Sublimation digitally prints full-color artwork with specially formulated dyes. These prints are then transferred using heat and pressure onto polyester and polymer-coated substrates at a molecular level for a semi-permanent high-resolution, full color finished product. The Direct-to-Fabric printing process is optimized for our natural fabrics and uses textile printers to deposit specialized inks directly onto the fibers of fabrics


MWW On Demand is proud to offer customers the most efficient and innovative cut-and-sew technology. They have a one-of-a-kind operation with their own thread facility in Spindale, North Carolina and over 65 looms at the main facility in Hendersonville, NC.


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