How to Sell on Etsy

How to sell on Etsy?


What do you need to know about how to sell on Etsy?


Printify recently became an authorized partner of Etsy and you can easily integrate and sell products you create with Printify.


The mission of Etsy is to provide a meaningful space for sellers to turn their creative passion into opportunity, striving to offer buyers millions of unique items - focusing on selling handmade, craft and vintage goods and supplies.


A few years ago platform allowed sellers to offer products manufactured by third, verified parties, as long as sellers create designs and provide transparency of item production process. Meaning Printify produce can be sold on Etsy as well.



#1 Creating your brand


The number of Etsy sellers rapidly approaching 2 million, it is getting harder and harder to stand out. You need to craft a connection with potential customers, and the first step to do it is branding.


Create an appealing logo and think about the slogan. It would help to define your brand identity and unique selling position - why customers should choose your products? Etsy is all about community spirit, meaning customers are more likely to choose your merchandise if you share some personal stories.



You can find plenty of tips on how to build a strong brand presence on Etsy in their handbook with more than 100 articles on branding and marketing.




#2 Setting up your store


You don't need any investment or special programming skills to connect your Etsy store to Printify. It takes just a minute - just get a Printify app on Etsy App Store or connect to your Etsy store in your Printify dashboard. Enjoy the freedom to connect with major print providers worldwide with fully automated order fulfillment process.


#3 Adding your custom products


With Printify your choice to create unique custom products is close to unlimited. While original design t-shirts are always on the top of the list, Etsy is a great place to offer mugs, phone cases, notebooks and interior design items with your magic designs. And have you checked out our latest addition of Product Catalog?



When you have chosen products you will sell on Etsy, you need to make them appealing to your potential customers. On Etsy product design really matters, creating a great look and feel is one of the greatest challenges to every platform seller.


However, using Printify as your partner has different advantages, one of them being able to use our Mockup Generator. Using it, you can create highly realistic 3D mockups - the artwork is instantly placed on a three-dimensional product model. And soon you will be able to create atmospheric interior images - taking your product photos to the next level.


Standing out with your custom products and high quality images is one of the key factors on how to sell on Etsy.




#4 Unique product titles and descriptions


While product images are extremely important, Printify Mockup Generator provides an excellent solution for that.


Another critical aspect is product titles and descriptions.


Imagine this - thousands of people use the exact same descriptions because they don't edit what Printify has prepared content is overlapping. Making your products unique and meaningful is the key - especially on Etsy since this platform celebrates creativity and custom made. Why should only your product design deserve a creative aspect? See each product as a sub-brand for your brand - it needs to be consistent with your image, it needs to sell. This is one of the factors how to sell on Etsy.


Choose your wording wisely - find your voice, and stick to it. Your product descriptions should be as creative as descriptive and clear. As your customers will not be able to hold items in hand, a text should clearly describe its qualities, feel, look and usage - size, texture, shape… Everything is relevant for an online buyer.



How to get found in a search?


In everything you write, keep in mind search-ability of your products - your products need to find their way to customers. To make your shop and products successful on Etsy, keep in mind these simple tips:


  • Add attributes to your listings - for each listing choose the category which fits the best. Depending on the selected category, you will be able to add attributes, such as size, color, and others. To learn more about attributes, check Etsy guidelines here.


  • Think about relevant keywords and phrases - create a list of what you think your potential buyer would search for. Make sure your titles, descriptions, and tags are relevant for these searches. You can use Etsy's search bar to see popular searches - start typing what you sell and see what comes up.


  • Create powerful titles  - while creating titles, add terms your buyers will likely look for. Keep the most important search terms at the beginning of the listing to maximize their importance in the search. Including the main category in a title communicates shopper what exactly the item is, however it does not necessarily impact relevancy in Etsy search.


  • Maximize your tags - use all the available tags, they are your opportunity to find buyers. To get most of them, use phrases instead of separate words.


Experiment with different listings and keep an eye on your shop statistics. If you are getting lots of hits but no sales, try testing out new phrases - as you might be using wrong keywords.

Don't change all at once - go slow to keep tabs on what's working.


Knowing and understanding how Etsy search works in one of the key factors on how to sell on Etsy.




#5 Getting traffic

Your shop is set up, listings added, searchability boosted… While you experiment with being found on Etsy itself, you should not forget about acquiring shoppers elsewhere.

Email campaigns are indisputably the most effective marketing tool to date. Start gathering your mailing list as soon as you start your shop - or even before. Use the frequent newsletter to inform your customers about updates, special offers and more.



#6 Social media


Start talking about your brand on social media, ask your friends and family to share your store updates. While Instagram and Facebook ads are one of the most popular marketing tools, typical Etsy users might be more active on Pinterest. Don't do all at once, it's always a better idea to experiment and find what works on one platform before moving to another.


Set up your Facebook pixel and gather data about your customers. This will be a crucial step on how to sell on Etsy. Facebook Analytics and insights about your audience are quite the game changer - you will find out a lot more about who exactly is your customer. Are they typically married or single, what's their education level, which Facebook pages they typically like, and more?




#7 Special offers


Free shipping has proven to be an extreme factor to increase conversions - set an amount from which you offer free shipping, as this motivates some customers to buy more. Other tactics, which will work on smaller segments of customers, are time sensitive offers and bundle offers. For example - 20% discount for the next 72 hours or Shirt + Hoodie will cost $49 (buying separately they cost $25 and $40). Offering discounts and special offers is a crucial part on how to sell on Etsy.



#8 Referrals


Using a referral program is a cheap marketing tactic that in your case might work extremely well. As your customers suggest your store to their friends and their friends buy your products, they will receive a discount - which then will motivate them to buy even more.



#9 Data and Analytics


You won't really know what works if you don't set up your analytics. The world of e-commerce is full of options - just connect Google Analytics and implement Facebook pixel in your site.


It will give you access to the traffic sources, session amount and visitor demographics. You will know which sites are more frequently visited, from which sites do visitors make the most frequent exit and so on.


When you set up events, you will know your conversions. And where's the biggest drop off. Then you will know what do you need to optimize. Perhaps your store visitors typically don't even click on any of the products. Perhaps they add one product to the cart and then leave. Perhaps the biggest drop off is when a customer gets to checkout. You need to investigate these cases - for example, there's a chance that you set up shipping way too high.


#10 Etsy apps


As the biggest e-commerce platform for everything handmade, Etsy has the page for official Etsy Apps(only visible for active Etsy users), where you can find apps both for sellers and shoppers, as well as for different devices – Android, iOS, tablet, etc.


Hope that this at least partially answers your question on how to sell on Etsy. Browse our Product Catalog, create your own custom products and sell on your Etsy store.