Choosing the Best Printing Partner for Your Business

Trying to start a business? Look no further. Printify is a risk-free print-on-demand platform with a stellar printing partner network. 

Our job is to keep your business running as smoothly as possible. Just pick a product, choose who makes it, and you’re selling.

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New Sellers
How to Choose the Best Printing Partner


Our user-friendly services are designed to keep things simple and fun. After building a store, designing products, and publishing, things are entirely automated.


We provide a 24/7 blanket of merchant support coverage. This means that we have teams standing by at all hours - except Christmas day.


Arguably the most important thing for new merchants is that Printify is 100% free to try out.

Veteran Merchants
How to Choose the Best Printing Partner


Even if you already built a store, it’s easy to transfer those products over to Printify without difficulty. Furthermore, all products can be manually controlled. This means you’ll have no problem migrating products from other print-on-demand platforms, offering personalized products, or creating specialized product bundles.


Even if one (or more) of Printify’s printing partners becomes unable to fulfill an order, we’ve ensured there are backup systems in place to keep products flowing and end customers happy.


Print on demand is constantly expanding. As a veteran merchant, the opportunity to introduce new and increasingly customizable products is a large draw.

How to Choose the Best Printing Service Provider

There are many pros, cons, and considerations on the table when it comes to locations. If a print provider is closer to an order’s final destination, the shipping will be faster. However, other factors like quality, availability, material, design space, customization options, etc., all must be weighed.

While we can’t make these decisions for merchants, we strive to provide them with the best information available. Here’s a page listing the specifics of each print provider we work with.

Print Provider Rating

Each print provider is given a numerical rating based on their performance. This number will appear near each print provider’s name during the selection process.

Choosing Print Providers


With a diverse array of print providers, America is an excellent choice when catering to an American audience. Close proximity means lower shipping times, and the services themselves are fairly large and efficient. Within the land of the free, you’ll likely encounter heavy hitters like Monster Digital, MyLocker, and Swift POD.


Stretching across the Czech Republic, Germany, and Latvia, several print providers are conveniently located in close proximity to European audiences. From the Czech OTP on Demand to Germany’s Textildruck Europa, Europe is well supplied for print on demand.


At the moment, we have three specialized print providers located in Canada. These are Big Oven Tees, Duplium, and Print Geek.


We are thrilled to team up with quality partners like Prima Printing and The Print Bar. Having suppliers in this island environment greatly decreases the logistical realities of shipping, sourcing, and waiting times.


While we primarily work with Arts Add when it comes to Chinese production, other providers like Vanbal are valued for their unique contributions to the Printify catalog.

Top Priorities for Selecting Printing Partners

Print Providers Shop
1. Integration

With Printify, publishing items to an eCommerce platform (or multiple) is fully automatic, simple, and fast. Depending on how a merchant chooses to operate, they can display products on Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, eBay, Wix, PrestaShop, BigCommerce, through the custom Printify API, and onward.

2. Products & Variants

With a catalog of over 800 customizable products, Printify has one of the largest, most varied libraries of accessible goods of all printing partners. Furthermore, we’re continually adding more products, features, colors, printing areas, and more.

3. Production Price

There is always a cost to creating goods. However, we strive to keep these prices at a minimum. This way, merchants keep more control over final pricing and their store’s ultimate destiny.

4. Shipping

To keep merchants (and their end customers) in the loop regarding order transit, we continually update our information regarding printing partners and shipping services. As logistical efficiency can fluctuate, we provide up-to-date shipping data - including rates.

Priority Shipping

For orders under expedited shipping conditions, transit within the US is estimated at 2-3 business days. For international orders, this increases to 3-5 business days.

5. Locations

In an effort to serve the international community of sellers and customers, we’re continually adding new providers, partners, and services into our network. Currently, we source from over 90 printing partner facilities located throughout Australia, Canada, China, the Czech Republic, Germany, Latvia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Order Routing

This is a product safety net. If a designated print provider is unable to supply an order, this feature moves that order along to a different print provider for completion. Now, different providers have different costs, materials, and products. As such, Printify merchants are given significant control over how, if, and when failed orders are routed.

Print Providers Shipping

Selecting the Best Printing Partner

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Why Work With Printify?

There are a lot of other print-on-demand platforms out there. However, we differentiate ourselves from the competition and ensure that merchants remain confident with a few key aspects.

Free to Try

We’re not interested in locking people into paying for something they don’t want. The ultimate goal is merchants using Printify services to better their own lives.


Business flows smoother when both sides are on the same page. As such, we keep all pricing transparent, easily understandable, and above ground.

Massive Catalog

In the print-on-demand world, staying fresh is key. Therefore, we continually add (onboard) new products, options, features, colors, and other differentiators.


Order routing was a game-changer. Even if a player in the Printify supply chain goes down, we have securities in place to keep orders moving and business afloat.

24/7 Support

Whenever you have a print-on-demand-related question, we have agents ready and willing to assist.

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Printify gave us so much more flexibility and allowed us to become a global business.
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Printify allows me to run the business and not work in the business.
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Using Printify saved our struggling business of 6 years and gave us more time with our family.
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Printify frees me up to do the parts of the business that I love while the back-end processes are completely automated.
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I don’t have to invest the money I can’t lose into my business. With Printify, I only pay the fulfillment fees, and the rest is all profit.
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