Why Home Products Are the New Goldmine?

2020 has been the year of the unexpected and with everyone staying at home, a new big player in the print on demand industry has emerged – Home and Living products like throw pillows, posters, mugs are now everyone’s favorite bestseller. 

Why Home products are the new goldmine? 1

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Everyone is in on it and you should be too. Home & Living products usually have a higher profit margin that apparel. They make the best custom gift for any occasion and with family celebrations like father’s day fast approaching, it’s time to cash in on your online store.

Why Home products are the new goldmine? 2


7 out of 10 merchants have noticed sales growth for the category, while for the rest the demand has stayed at the same level.

Why Home products are the new goldmine? 3


At Printify, items sold in Home & Living category increased by 33.5% (August vs. March 2020).

Why Home products are the new goldmine? 4


“Home decor” is trending on Google now – this keyword doubled in search as compared to the last year.

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Now is the perfect time to get your hands on the fastest-growing category in POD and make these everyday products your goldmine.

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