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Holiday Calendar

We have prepared three resources that will help you to get ready for your Holiday Sales, including Calendar, product search trends, getting your store ready, what strategies do other merchants use and more.




Thanksgiving is traditionally a day for families and friends to get together and share a special meal. Some people have a four-day weekend to travel and visit loved ones.

It is a time to express community spirit, be thankful and show appreciation. Be it themed decors, team tees for families or personal gifts - everything goes if the offer is right.



Black Friday and Cyber Monday


The world spins faster on Black Friday. Thanks to Cyber Monday, now people get a 4 day shopping spree instead of just one day, so you need to keep up your stamina for the whole weekend.


While everyone is in the mood to buy, there is one rule for store owners to follow this weekend: *deal*. You have to offer discounts, free shipping, gifts and so on.


holiday guide


Get the cheapest custom products for your Black Friday & Cyber Monday print on demand drop shipping fulfilment:


Coffee Mugs 11oz $4.45

Posters from $4.46

Round or Square Paper Coaster Sets 6pcs $4.48

Mousepads $5.22

Hanes 5250 $5.99

Gildan 6400 $6.68

Spiral Notebook $7.46

AOP Tote Bag $8.21

Gildan 5000 $8.21

Next Level 3600 $8.86





The Festival of Lights is observed for 8 nights and 8 days; it is a religious holiday commonly associated with a special candelabrum which takes a central part in the tradition.


While historically the only present given on Hanukkah has been money, nowadays the gifting tradition has become strong. Some people might even get jealous - as every night has a special name, there might  even be eight themed presents for Favorite things night, Book night and others.





The most anticipated Holiday of the year, Christmas is the time of decorations, family meals and, of course, exchanging gifts.


Therefore give your customers just what they need - personal and amazing gifts to give. And throw in some present from your store - be it a small free item or a nice discount - to make them feel special.



New Year


A new year, new beginnings. The best time of year to treat oneself with a nice outfit to slay New Year's Eve or something special not found under the tree.


Not to mention decor, specialized items for parties, gifts for hosts and so on. January might bring a quiet season, but the New Year's holiday is the last occasion to go wild before fasting.



Calendar and Order Deadlines


Time during Holiday Season waits for noone. Have a one last look at the Holiday Calendar to better organize your activities.


holiday guide


Keep in mind the deadlines for orders - if your customers want to receive their packages before Christmas, you should inform them about these dates.


Check out our Holiday Guide to get started on the planning and Holiday Marketing Guide for marketing tips and insight on what channels Printify merchants use for increasing their sales. 
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