Chapter 17

Holiday Marketing Tips & Tricks

Holiday Marketing Guide Tips And Tricks

1. Make the Most of Ad Extensions

This tip might seem unnecessary, but it’s essential to make sure that your ads utilize the ads extensions when trying to launch and monitor multiple holiday campaigns. Including elements like site links, review extension, and call extension will undoubtedly make your business stand out from the competition and convert shoppers. 

Even if your current ads already contain an extension, you must review them to ensure they’re providing their maximum output. 

2. Launch Shopping Campaigns

If your online store sells tangible products, you should consider creating Shopping Campaigns, as they play an essential role in promoting your business. Shopping campaigns are an invaluable tool because they answer the customer’s questions with the visual details necessary to make an instant purchasing decision. 

The primary question at the back of your customers’ mind during this holiday is “what is the product?” and “how much does it cost?”. Fortunately, shopping campaigns answer both inquiries flawlessly.

3. Harness the Power of Ad Automation

Leaving your ad to run independently is an approach that doesn’t work effectively in the mid- to long-term, making it necessary to spend 20 minutes weekly optimizing and fine-tuning your strategy. However, this statement doesn’t mean that automation is a useless tool that shouldn’t be found in your holiday marketing plans. 

Ad automation can become a reliable tool when you wish to run time-sensitive holiday promotions, the only requirement is you to manage it strictly from the onset. Platforms like Google AdWords provide a multitude of features that enables you to automate your holiday campaigns and alter it according to your preference.

4. Turn the Holiday Rush in Your Favor

Remember the times where you had to run from one store to the other, searching for that perfect gift? Or the stress that builds up as you worry that Amazon might not be able to deliver your package in time? 

These fears are a common occurrence during the holidays, and it’ll be a wise choice to inform your audience about your solution. The primary need of most buyers is having their purchase arrive on time for the purpose it was intended, and your job is to see this through. Conveying to your customers that you’ve solved their worries on product delivery will undoubtedly fetch you a lot of patronage during the holidays. 

5. Create a Sense of Urgency

Creating an artificial sense of urgency on your landing page is an effective way to trigger your audience’s fear of missing out, resulting in them making a purchase. Several methods exist for executing this strategy, but the most common is placing a countdown timer on your landing page or email newsletter, telling customers about how much they have left before a deal expires. 

If the product seems valuable and worth the price, your visitors will be compelled to make a purchase before the time elapses. It’s a common psychological marketing trick that has proven to be effective over time.

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