Chapter 4

What is DPI

DPI Design Guide

What is DPI?

DPI (dots per inch) is a measure that will tell you how large your design is in inches if you already know your design size in pixels. However, this isn’t necessary to know when creating your design, because our system works in pixels. DPI means pixel density in one physical size unit.

We use DPI in the product generator as a quality indicator to indicate if your design is large enough to come out sharp when printed.

Higher DPI means sharper print, but above 300 DPI, there’s no perceivable difference in sharpness.

How is DPI Calculated?

DPI is calculated by taking the number of dots and dividing by the width of the medium, such as the size of the image. If an old style marquee with light bulbs were used as an example, simply count each bulb on the sign and then divide it by the width. If the sign had 500 bulbs and was 10 inches wide, the DPI would be 50 dpi.

What is DPI 1

How does print size affect DPI?

Here’s an example: a picture is being printed on our 24” x 36” Premium Matte vertical poster. In order to achieve 300 DPI, which is the sharpest density achievable, the picture would have to be 7200 pixels wide (24” x 300 DPI = 7200 pixels wide). This way, you can be certain that print will be of high-quality.

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