Chapter 1

TOP Design Mistakes

TOP Design Mistakes 1

1. Product Choices and Materials

The same design will look different depending on the material you print it on. A T-shirt may absorb the ink well and look sharp, whereas another product such as a hoodie might look faded out because it absorbs the ink differently.

2. Low Quality Designs

A low-quality design will always produce a low-quality print. Make sure your designs look great when you’re creating them and avoid this problem!

3. Digital artwork vs. photos

Generally speaking, digital artwork will always look sharper than a photo. If you have the choice, stick to digital vector artwork, rather than photos.

4. Mind the bleed

The recommended pixel sizes in the product generator include the print area with the “bleed area”. Be advised that the generator might re-scale your design to fit only the printable area right after you add it, so all you need to do is scale it up a little to cover the bleed as well.

Follow our guide, so that you and your customers get the high-quality products you’re looking for.

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