Chapter 3


Color Space Print on Demand

The printing color range is more limited than what you will see on your computer screen. Vivid colors won’t typically come through, so be careful about making this a central part of your design or idea.

We accept files with various color spaces, but our system does all operations in RGB. If you upload a CMYK file, be aware that our system will convert it to RGB and the colors might shift significantly.

This chart shows the approximate printable color range for DTG printing

Our print providers convert the design files to the appropriate color space and profile depending on their process. Please be aware that physical printing limitations cannot produce the full range of RGB spectrum.

The red area is the approximate safe color range.

Colors 1

If you go outside that area, please be aware that the colors you see on your screen will not match the final printed product. If you want to know specific safe color values, please see this 216 safe, non-dithering colors list.

Here is an example of a common issue in the way a computer will display your design, and how the garment will look once printed.

Colors 2

If you have created your design in RGB, you can preview how your design might look printed if you convert it to CMYK. This will give you an approximate idea of the color shift. In the future, we will have this functionality built into our product generator, but for now, this is an easy way to check how the final result might look.

Color Combinations and most frequent errors

  • Different print providers have different workflows for creating their products.
  • White designs can not be printed on Natural/Vintage Tote Bags, the process won’t allow this.

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