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Delegate some of your tasks to industry professionals in digital marketing, graphic design, storefront set-up, and content creation, and focus on what you do the best.


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Hire Expert - Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Maximize your Facebook Ads, SEO, Etsy rankings, CRO, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, and more.

Hire Expert - Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Get the freshest, coolest designs and illustrations that will sell like hotcakes.

Hire Expert - Storefront Design

Storefront Set-up

Make your storefront sign with expert help on setting up and designing a store on Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, Etsy, and all the other platforms that matter.

Hire Expert - Content Creation

Content Creation

Want help getting your social media channels up to scratch and driving sales?

Why You Need an Expert

They’re the best around

Printify experts have designed, built and developed some of the world’s leading print-on-demand businesses.

They do it for you

No need to spend your time learning and executing a new discipline. Our experts will do all the heavy lifting for you so you can relax.

They produce results

We carefully monitor our experts’ performance and satisfaction scores, so you can rest assured that they will bring real value to your business.


Currently, we have experts offering advice in digital marketing, graphic designers who can help you with the creation of graphic identity and designs for your print-on-demand products, content creators, and storefront set-up specialists. Please note that we’re always vetting and adding more experts to the program. Please check our Experts Database for further information.

Please visit our website where you can view qualified experts and descriptions of the services they offer. Reach out to a few to check if they are available and want to commit to completing the tasks you have in mind. Please note that reaching out to an expert does not yet mean that you engage them in a job.

Try to browse some literature and familiarize yourself with the technical terms related to your job. Make sure you define a budget, timeline, and results you expect from the expert. Clearly communicate these and agree on details with your chosen expert. You should also agree on payment terms with the expert and whether you will pay a fixed price or an hourly rate.

The expert you hired will issue an invoice for you to pay. This should be done once the job is completed.

Please reach out to the expert with your feedback and concerns, and check if the job can be re-done. In case the expert refuses, you can request a refund. Please note Printify does not get involved in the dispute resolution process. You can report your experience with an expert to us and we will re-evaluate the expert’s participation in the program.

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