Textildruck Europa joins Printify’s print provider network

Textildruck Europa joins Printify’s print provider network

Printify aims to make it easier and more efficient for young entrepreneurs to make money online. That is why we partner with a great variety of print providers around the world. Our mission is to have more locally targeted print providers to make it faster and cheaper to sell your merchandise. That is why we are so pumped to introduce to you a brand new European print provider at Printify!

Who are Textildruck Europa?

Introducing Textildruck Europa, a family ran a business in the heart of Germany. Textildruck Europa has been instrumental in the European printing industry. They have cemented their position as a trusted print provider, having served major brands around Europe such as music festivals, fashion brands, and licensed-retailers. Certified 5 years ago by the Global Organic Textile Standard, they attach great importance to environmentally friendly production.

Optimized for success

From production through storage to shipping, Textildruck Europa processes are optimized for the best service to their clients. Maintaining a high standard of quality is their biggest driving force. To meet the best standards, they have equipped their business with modern production machines, fast communication channels an effective connection to local shipping service providers. Having local shipping providers enables short transit distances to any European destination which ensures fast delivery.

Eco-friendly operations

Textildruck Europa

Textildruck Europa is an environmentally friendly company. That is why they work with Kornit Storm Hexa, Kornit Avalanche Hexa, and Brother GT3 Printers. Their eco-friendly mandate doesn’t stop at the machines, Textildruck Europa also uses the Water-Based NeoPigment ™ Colors, which are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and resource-saving. Furthermore, their entire Direct to Garment process is fully automated and paperless.


The real beneficiaries are Printify users

Printify’s mission is to help merchants make more money with less efforts.

That is why when you choose Printify you get
  • Instant access to a large Print Provider Network across the US, the UK, and now the EU.
  • The best prices on print-on-demand because multiple print providers give you the liberty to choose the best provider for your business.
  • Over 250 custom products with  limitless customization options
  • A free easy to use Mockup Generator where you can choose product variants, add several layers and get stunning high definition Mockups.
  • Seamless store integration to Etsy, Shopify, and WooCommerce through the Printify App.
  • A merchant protection policy that allows you to start a business without worry.

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  1. PK2020
    September 17

    Is TextileDruck now shipping to the USA?

  2. Kasia
    June 30

    Hello! I was looking at the eco-friendly t-shirts but the heather grey and dark heather grey colours look very strange on the pictures… What I mean by that is that they look like a ‘paint’ or silver rather than the traditional light grey and dark grey t-shirts.

    Before I start selling those colours, I would like to know if the pictures are off or this is the real colour?

    I would appreciate any help you can provide.

    Thank you,

  3. Gwendolyn
    August 19

    Great News! I’m super excited to give them a try!

    August 16

    Great! waiting for more print provider from Europe and Canada

  5. Mike van der Hoorn
    August 15

    Does Printify have “All Over” tees available for printable graphics on tees instead of a rectangular area on the front of tees?

    1. Elina Stafecka
      September 13

      Hi, Mike!

      Yes, we have – check it out here – https://printify.com/app/products/?searchKey=aop%20cut


  6. Diego Leon
    August 15

    how can we offer our Services for latin america for swimware, Hoodies and Jackets

    1. Elina Stafecka
      September 13

      Hi Diego,

      Swimwear is shipped FREE from China to any country in the world. Hoodies and Jackets depend on manufacturer location and shipping rates. You can see shipping rates “International” on each product page. Choose the one with the lowest rates and fastest shipping time. See more here ( just click on the selected product) – https://printify.com/app/print-providers

      KR, Elina

  7. Gina
    August 15

    Hi! This sounds great! How do you set up several print providers for a product so that customers in Europe get the fast-shipping and lower costs of a EU printer and a customer in the UK or US gets a printer in their respective countries so they also get the same benefits? Is there a link to a doc that explains more on how to set this up in an ecommerce store (like Shopify)? Thank you!

    1. Elina Stafecka
      September 13

      Hi Gina,

      We are building such feature, but currently you can e.g. fulfill orders manually – choose a product that has manufacturers in different markets, whenever an order comes in, you can “Replace” order to the print provider that is closest to your customer.



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